Add To Your WishlistCrystal Art Sealer - 150ml (CCKMTG-150)

Add To Your WishlistCrystal Art Sealer - 150ml (CCKMTG-150)

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    Are you using your finished Crystal Art pieces at an exhibition, gifting them to a child, or planning to display them in a public space or in a bathroom? Or are you expecting them  to be handled a lot, or to undergo heavier wear and tear than usual?

    We now offer Crystal Art Sealer, which enables you to seal your art kits once you have completed them for added protection. Simply apply a coat of this sealant over your kit and keep the gems permanently stuck to your canvas even in heavy-use situations.

    What is Crystal Art Sealer?

    Crystal art sealer is a transparent elastic glossy adhesive which is perfect for all your crystal art projects or creating a gloss coating on any finished project.



    Take a thin brush and paint lightly over your finished crystal art project, ensure you only do a thin layer and make sure the sealer goes around the bottom edge of the crystal. Leave  to dry for at least 6 hours, dries completely crystal clear.


    1 x 150ml Crystal Art Sealer